Wake Up and Live an Achieved Life

The Genesis Project is an intensive, 4 week online program designed for individuals motivated to take their fitness and life to the next level.

The aim of the project is bold ... to guide 1,000,000 people to WAKE UP and experience what it feels like to be truly healthy, live with purpose AND achieve their life goals.

The Genesis Project was born out of the fitness gym, Genesis Experience. Founded in 2012, Genesis Experience has transformed the lives of people that were on life's hamster wheel. Putting in the work but not moving forward. The Genesis fitness program has been the tool for hundreds of people to begin living a healthy life filled with purpose and clarity. Members have completely taken back control of their health and gone on to start businesses, build strong relationships and achieve goals they'd been thinking about doing for years.

We believe living a healthy life leads to a healthy career, family and successful life. And, well, if we take an honest assessment at the world around us, people that lead unhealthy lives, very often, tend to have unhealthy relationships, lead unhealthy organizations, and follow unhealthy career paths.

But just because you're healthy doesn't mean you'll immediately start climbing the career ladder or relationships will excel. That's why the Genesis Movement is not only about health, but it also gets you on track to achieve other life goals.

What is healthy? If you can say you're looking, feeling and performing your best, then 99% of the time, that's a good indication that you are truly healthy. When one of those is out of whack, we can usually dig a little deeper to find the issue.

Through exercise, nutrition and life goals, the Genesis Project will get you on track to be truly healthy and achieve life goals you never thought could be possible.

The Genesis Project is not for wimps. You'll stretch further and fly higher than you ever thought possible. But, that takes work, dedication and sacrifice.

Imagine where you'll be in 4 weeks if you commit to the grind!

How It Works


During your 4 weeks in the Genesis Project, you'll learn exactly what food to eat and what to avoid. The first week is spent "learning" and the second week you'll start to take action. Be ready to give up some foods that you love. But don't worry, we're not going to restrict your calories. You'll always feel satisfied.

Eating the typical American diet, even what most people think is healthy, gets your body out of whack and you don't even realize it! You've eaten this way for so long, being out of whack feels normal.
Imagine how much your missing in life when your body is in a state of chaos and you don't even realize it! Once you're nutrition is dialed in and your body is back in balance, you'll notice an increase in energy, productivity and motivation -- this is when you really start making big strides in achieving your life goals.

We don't follow any crash diets or fads, nor do we buy expensive shakes and pills that cause you to lose weight temporarily, but do nothing for your health or lasting results.


Each week, you'll get 3 - 4 workouts to complete. You can do these workouts at home or your gym.

The exercises are designed to help you build lean muscle, lose fat, increase endurance and improve strength and flexibility.

The workouts are not easy but they're customizable to any fitness level. Expect your mental strength and toughness to grow!

What get's measured, gets improved. You'll track your results over the 4 weeks so we can ensure you're progressing.


A HEALTHY YOU leads to a SUCCESSFUL LIFE. But, it doesn't ensure you'll get there. That's why as part of the Genesis Project, you'll go through our unique goal setting process and take actionable steps during the 4 weeks to begin achieving your goals.

Some people may have a goal of opening a new business or starting a nonprofit. Others will have a fitness goal. Many may have family or spiritual goals.

There's only one rule: The goal must significantly impact your life. Imagine yourself accomplishing it, and think, "will that make a meaningful improvement to my life?"

Goals are something you want to have, do or be. Get ready to take concrete steps during the 4 weeks to achieve what you've put off attempting. You're about to learn how to fully live life by setting big goals AND achieving them.
The 4 weeks are extremely practical. The Genesis Project is for doers (or people that want to change the way they currently operate and become doers!). You're not going to get a bunch of fluff to make you feel good. We're going to tell you exactly what to eat, how to exercise and how to achieve your definition of success in life.

If you're not afraid to put in the work, this is for you.


100% Commitment to the Program and about 10 hours a week (exact times to complete the work are flexible to meet your schedule). If you're worried about giving up a couple evenings of Netflix or skipping dessert while everyone else eats it, this program may not be for you.

There is NO FINANCIAL COST ... just your commitment to grind through when it gets tough!


The next group going through the Genesis Project will start on September 1st. Spots are limited so don't wait.

There's an application we'll ask you to feel out to join the Genesis Project. It will take about 10 minutes.You'll be part of a community with coaches so you have accountability and a place to get your questions answered.