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“I enjoy the friendly competition. We get in here and get after it. This is the strongest I’ve been!”

Dr. Ulla K.

"The workouts are tough but you have a plan to accomplish each session and someone is there to encourage you on. The other people working out with you are encouraging, even though many are way ahead of you in ability. The coaches are awesome! They work to strengthen your weaknesses, act as incredible cheerleaders, and know when to stop you."
"I recommend it every day to someone. It's a program you can actually do and stick with and see results. I feel better at work, get through the day more easily, little things aren't as hard to cope with, and I sleep better. I feel a need to exercise even on "days off" - it's addicting! - Dr. Ulla K.

Dana B

"Over a year ago my doctor drew labs for cholesterol and my triglycerides were 364, which is really high! Especially for someone my age!  He prescribed me cholesterol medicine, Tricor. I never took it. I started the Genesis Experience and had my labs redrawn after 8 weeks of the Genesis triglycerides were 103!!!" - Dana B

Glen P

"A few months ago my blood pressure was 154/90. After four months at Genesis, it's now 116/60!” Glen also lost 8 inches in his waist in 4 months! Glen says "Thank you to all the coaches and members, and my family, especially my wife, for helping me start and continue this personal transformation. Also, I ran the fastest mile in my life after training with Genesis!" - Glen P

Houston W.

I now have a greater understanding about the role of diet and exercise and how to use them to obtain and keep my optimal health. But, I found so much more than just knowledge. I found a community that helps encourage and strengthen one another.  We push, pull, sweat, laugh and grow together.  We are all getting stronger in the gym and in many other areas of our lives. Like my buddy Glen, I was able to build the strength and endurance to run the fastest mile of my life! - Houston W.

Julie T.

"I’ve done the things I think I should be doing, and I had hit a brick wall. As a matter of fact, I kept hitting that same brick wall, with the same result again and again. At Genesis, I’ve worked extremely hard and have seen positive results: greater strength, greater stamina and endurance, greater mobility, better and steady energy (not high-low energy spikes), greater mental focus….and by the way, I’ve dropped two dress sizes in 8-weeks!  Not too shabby, eh?” - Julie T.

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