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Genesis Experience is a gym with the goal of getting you in top shape so you can live your life to the fullest. It's not another big box gym or fad diet that provides temporary results. If you'll train at our gym 3x a week for an hour and generally follow the nutrition guidelines we provide, you can expect to get major results that last a lifetime. 
Each workout is done in a small group class which keeps it fun, encouraging and provides a little friendly competitiveness to push you out your comfort zone so that you achieve results faster. Each class is lead by one of our expert coaches. They'll ensure you're using proper form and provide extra encouragement so you'll get the most from each workout.
Before you join the regular classes, you'll go through our Foundations Course to learn all the basic movements. We'll teach you everything you need to know so you'll feel comfortable to join the regular classes.
"What gets measured, gets changed." We're not sure who first said that but it's the truth! That's why we use our custom tracking software and app to record your progress every time you workout. 
Our coaches are a wealth of information when it comes to eating right, achieving performance goals and living a healthy lifestyle outside of the gym. Whether you're trying to dial in your nutrition to lose fat or run a 5k, the Genesis coaching team will help as much as you need outside of class. 

What Is The Genesis Experience?

  • Exercise

    The training includes body weight movements like push ups so you build balanced strength. We pick up weights to build strong, lean muscles. We also do cardio like rowing and running so you burn fat and build endurance.
  • Nutrition

    It seem like every 5 minutes a new diet is released. What if we simply started eating more like our grandparents used to and stopped eating what the billion dollar food companies lead us to believe is healthy? You're going to learn a way to eat that gets you lean and truly healthy with no expensive shakes, pill or crash diets.
  • Community

    You're going to find a community of some of the most encouraging and motivating people you've ever met. The workouts are intense. Achieving success is not easy. But with the accountability from the members and the guidance of the coaches, you'll quickly to start to see your fitness goals transform into reality.


Manager, Head Coach

"What drives me is the moment when someone reaches a new goal. We change lives through exercise, nutrition and accountability."

Shelly McRae


"We focus on goals that help us in our everyday life. Coaching is the highlight of my week! The community is amazing!"

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Our gym was designed specifically for the type of training we developed to provide the best results with your fitness. But heads up, you're not going to find the typical machines and cardio equipment in our gym. We found that "functional equipment" like barbells, weights, kettlebells, sandbags and wall balls provide much better results and are far safer. We have old fashion AirDynes (the bike with the handles and fan) and rowers because those movements are proven to burn fat and build endurance. The best part is that our gym is packed with energy and excitement so you'll be motivated to train each time you come in. 

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