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Best in Life.

We're a community achieving
success through fitness.

People join Genesis Experience to get fast results in the way they look and feel. But, they stay for the results experienced in life outside the gym.

You're going to be more energetic, physically stronger and have better endurance and flexibility. You'll find yourself more focused at work and home. After a couple months, you'll be doing things in the gym you didn't think possible. Experience life the way it was meant to be lived.

Workout Hard So You Can

Experience Life the Way

It Was Meant to be Lived

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Don't Take
Our Word
For It

  • "Making such a difference in my life, one session at a time."
    - Sharon K.
  • "I ran a mile the fastest I’ve ever run in my life."
    - Glen
  • "I enjoy the friendly competition. We get in here and get after it. This is the strongest I’ve been!"
    - Harry
  • "The hardest part was walking in the door for the first time. But it was soooo worth it!"
    - Lori

Free Resources to Help You
Live a Healthy Life

  • Healthy Lifestyle Video Series

    In this 4 part video series, we'll teach you exactly how to exercise and what to eat to look and feel your best.
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  • Healthy Lifestyle Channel

    Check out our channel packed with tons of videos with practical ways to get fit even if you have a crazy, hectic life!
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  • Ebooks

    We've written a few books to help guide your success in achieving your fitness goals.
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Discover the fitness and nutrition basics to set you up for success.

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What to Expect on the First Day of Your Free Trial

In this video, you'll experience first hand what it's like to get started at Genesis. See what it's like from the moment you walk in the door, to learning the exercise basics then finally finishing with a Genesis workout.

Not near our headquarters?
Still be a part of the movement!

The Genesis Project (not to be confused with the Genesis Experience) is an intensive, 4 week online program designed for individuals motivated to take their fitness and life to the next level.
The aim of the project is bold ... to guide 1,000,000 people to WAKE UP and experience what it feels like to be truly healthy, live with purpose AND achieve their life goals.
The Genesis Project is not for wimps. You'll stretch further and fly higher than you ever thought possible. But, it takes work, dedication and sacrifice.